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I have over 20 years of experience as a public speaker, Master of Ceremonies, content producer and writer. My recent experience includes facilitating creative workshops with community groups and corporate clients, running seminars about employer branding and content marketing strategy, hosting Q&A panels for local business events, streaming webinars and podcasts with live guests, and delivering keynotes at community and business conferences.

Online Workshop: How to attract, engage and retain your people at every stage of the employee journey (2021)

My work involved: 

  • Developing key messages and writing the workshop script

  • Sourcing technology use cases and client examples 

  • Designing and editing the slides and workshop workbook

  • Presenting content to a live audience, encouraging interaction and managing questions 

Gartner & Reward Gateway Present: How to tackle the 2021 Talent War

My work involved: 

  • Pre-research and briefings with guest speakers and case study sources

  • Working with Gartner research staff and analysts to develop key messages 

  • Producing slides while preserving brand principles for two companies

  • Presenting content to a live audience, encouraging interaction and managing questions 

Fireside Chat: The End of HR Best Practice with Patty McCord (2021)

My work involved: 

  • Pre-research/reading to develop key talking points 

  • Briefing the guest speaker and producing a Q&A briefing doc to follow throughout the recording

Virtual Keynote - HRD National Summit (2021)

My work involved: 

  • Research on employee engagement & talent acquisition and retention trends

  • Working with client account managers and engineers to translate tech functionality into practical use-cases 

  • Developing the key message framework and script 

  • Producing the slides and accompanying audience resources

  • Recording/broadcasting from a home studio

Webinar - How to connect, support and recognise employees during times of uncertainty (2019)

My work involved: 

  • Collaborating with leadership team members across the Australia/UK and US time zones 

  • Developing briefing notes and talking points for each speaker

  • Producing slides 

  • Modering a live panel conversation to an online audience

Sketch-Note Taking

I offer live and pre-recorded sketch-note services to help capture key points of a presentation/talk into a single animation. Below is an example of one completed for a keynote I delivered at Engagement Excellence Live and other examples from various events: 

Content Strategy & Writing

I love to help people amplify the stories that improve understanding, inspire action and move hearts.

I hold a Bachelor in Media and Master of Publishing, write for numerous companies and custom publications and am a passionate learner (and practitioner!) in all things content marketing and non-fiction writing.

My work is versatile – I’ve worked with big brands and enterprise-size companies, but the truth is I have a soft spot for small businesses and custom publications.

Blog / Email Examples

​I have managed blog and social media calendars, led editorial teams, and have been involved in the end-to-end production of marketing campaigns - from developing messaging, writing talk tracks, keyword research and copyediting and design of client emails and marketing assets.

Below are links to some examples:





Brand Development

Below are some samples of brand guidelines from workshops I have facilitated with small businesses. These form the foundation for designs, key messages and marketing content:


Digital Resources

I have worked with subject matter experts to research, write, edit and/or design eBooks and client case studies to increase the awareness and understanding of their services: 

Cover and first page of an eBook titled Employee Engagement for Todays Workforce
Case Study Cover - How to Unite_edited.png


Travel Writing 

Image by Brandi Redd

What People Say




Joy is expert at being able to distill what is essentially techno talk/babble, into a simple, meaningful and understandable message



Joy is one of the most talented facilitators and writers I’ve ever partnered with.  Some people have the ability to bring the best out of you... while making it look like so simple. She is one of them! 




Joy has a unique ability to story-tell in an incredibly engaging way, bringing the voice of our customer and our mission to life!  'Joy' sums up the team and my experience working alongside of her.

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